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              gratis Totoan ing Piala Donya Teekayu

              Next up: Edition 6 in June 2023

              "This Canadian festival might have been considered outer-limits when it was created in 2018, but our understanding of digital theater has grown exponentially in the past year. Now, the event is downright mainstream" — New York Times Learn more about FOLDA >
              FOLDA Festival of Live Digital Art
              Presented by Spider Web Show Performance

              The Halluci Nation

              GO— The Halluci Nation make a stop in Kingston during their One More Saturday Night tour. Dance beats, epic visuals. In-person in Kingston, and livestreamed to the Internets.

              June 11, 8pm ET
              The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, Kingston

              ASL Interpreted

              Sighted Guides available.

              You Should Have Stayed Home

              Written and performed by Tommy Taylor

              BETA— Set in VR, an auto-biographical re-telling of the frightening events that took place on the streets of Toronto during the 2010 G20 summit protests.

              ASL Interpreted.


              By Christine Quintana

              GO— A new year of high school is full of excitement and potential—but three teens didn’t expect it to bring such a dark change to their lives. Audience experience a livestreamed, voyeuristic window into the lives of the teenaged characters through their computer desktops and smartphones, where their conversations and anxieties play out.

              Captioning available.

              Ways of Being

              Michael Rubenfeld and Clayton Lee, Selfconscious Productions

              BETA— Two artists in different countries perform at the exact same time for different audiences. Using the Internet and strong dashes of technological and theatrical magic, Ways of Being creates a liminal space in which these audiences are brought together.

              Relaxed Environment

              Through My Lens

              By Amy Amantea with Theatre Replacement

              ALPHA— An interdisciplinary, interactive, online performance that combines conversation, text, hospitality and photography.

              ASL Interpreted

              Blind/Low Vision Listening Party

              The Maydee Box

              By Rebecca Cuddy

              ALPHA— Using augmented reality to share family history, generational stories, and unanswered questions.

              Sighted Guides available.

              Find out more about us

              FOLDA’s programming is structured to support artists creating theatre in a digital age


              Performances in their earliest stages, ready for internal testing, but require audience feedback to spark the next stage of development.


              Performances ready for public testing to refine the audience experience.


              Performances ready for production release. Audience input contributes to improvements and bug fixes just like your favourite ap.

              Last Year’s Edition Highlights

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              Support FOLDA and the arts during turbulent times by making a donation.


              FOLDA is supported by

              Funded by the Government of Canada
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